Safeguarding our children is everyone’s responsibility


At our school we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our children, staff and visitors


Safeguarding leads in our school are:


Mrs Swift

Mrs Whelerton
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Atkinson
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Thomas
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Green

Our Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Himsworth.

As a school we are committed to safeguarding our children. Every weekly newsletter has a section dedicated to safeguarding.

If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of any child, please ask to speak to one of our lead staff. If they are not available please speak to any member of staff who will pass on your concerns.

If you are not satisfied that your concerns are being taken seriously or you think a child is at immediate risk it is your responsibility to take action.

Please ring The Children’s Hub 01429 284284 and tell them your concerns.

Thank you for taking the safety of our children seriously.


We would like to share our school policies and procedures that we follow. Through these policies and procedures we ensure that children are taught and encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and adopt safe practices.

School policies are in place so that there is a consistent approach to practice throughout school and that they are adhered to by all staff, governors and other adults in school.

At Holy Trinity Rosehill CofE Primary School we:

  • are good role models for children
  • enjoy our work and working with children
  • are conscientious and hard-working
  • welcome and support visitors to school
  • recognise and value strengths in each other and use these to support everyone
  • work within the agreed policies of the school
  • promote a happy, caring and safe school
  • encourage children to think for themselves, ask questions and find answers
  • create an environment of trust
  • challenge and support children in their learning

We have numerous policies in place to safeguard our children.

They include:

This is a crucial area of our work in which all staff and governors receive regular training and updates. School and other services for children and families all work together to support the needs of children.

Children’s attendance at school is monitored on a daily basis.

From September 2015, the government has set new standards for attendance. Expected attendance is now at 95%, anything below this is seen as persistent absenteeism. Each year, 100% attendance is rewarded by a certificate and a prize.

High standards of behaviour are expected in school. However, as we all know children do fallout from time to time, as do adults. Where this happens, staff deal with this in a sensitive way. Children are given time to explain what the problem is and helps the issue to be resolved. Children are often reminded about our expectations around behaviour and our school values. Children know that we have rules in order for everyone to be happy and keep safe in school.

The school’s policy and procedures for behaviour are followed by all staff and the ‘Code of Conduct’ states expectations of behaviour, in all activities, throughout the school day.

Everyone at our school is aware of their responsibility to ensure all children and adults are able to work in a healthy and safe environment. Several members of staff are fully qualified First Aiders. Training has been undertaken by certain staff to administer prescribed medication and time is given by specialist Health Care Professionals to deal with individual medical conditions.

An annual audit takes place with full inspections every term. Outdoor equipment is inspected daily. There are many other aspects of Health and Safety in school.

Governors and the school ensure that all staff new to the school and any volunteers are DBS checked. These are re-checked every five years .  Full references are required before any person takes up post. Safer Recruitment Training is available for all governors. Two governors have completed training .

Should parents have any concerns, all school staff will listen and follow up any issues arising.  We are committed to working closely with parents and carers for the benefit of the children no concern is too small and, at this stage, can be prevented from becoming a bigger issue.  There is a clear procedure in our Complaints Policy for dealing with any issues.

Parents should talk to the child’s teacher in the first instance and then Mrs Swift.  If the issue remains unresolved then a letter should be sent to the Chair of Governors, via the school following our Complaints Policy which is available in school and on the website.

We all know that children thrive when school and families work closely together.  All staff and governors at our school are totally committed to this. All statutory policies are available in school or on the website.