Early Years at Holy Trinity Rosehill CofE Primary

Nursery and Reception are both part of the Early Years Foundation Stage at Holy Trinity Rosehill CofE Primary. We offer a curriculum rich in wonder and inspiring experiences following the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We work hard to provide a stimulating environment that provides exciting opportunities, promotes challenge, exploration, adventure and a real love of learning.

It is our intent that all children develop physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally in an environment which values all cultures, communities and people. We aim for our children to be confident and independent, to believe in themselves and interact positively with others.
We understand that play is an integral part of learning and this is at the heart of our Early Years curriculum. We believe that the correct mix of adult directed and uninterrupted child-initiated play ensures the best outcomes for pupils. We recognise the crucial role that Early Years education has to play in providing firm foundations upon which the rest of a child’s learning journey is successfully based.

    Our Curriculum Aims


    How do we live out our Vision and Values in EYFS?


    We value everyone in our school as unique individuals with skills and talents which we nurture and seek opportunities for them to grow.
    We strive to equip everyone with the skills they need to flourish in God’s beautiful world.
    Everyone in our school has a voice and is truly valued for all that they bring to our school family and the wider world.  

    Emotional Well Being:
     Our children and families feel secure in their relationships with us. We make them feel emotionally connected so they can make secure attachments and develop trusting friendships.

    We welcome and support all children and families as equal partners and learn from them. We adapt and improve our provision to ensure our compassion ‘enables’ all.

    Love of Learning:  We support our children and families to develop their effectiveness and endurance as lifelong learners. In our school community we are all learners who recognise that making a mistake is a learning opportunity.

    We are thankful for and celebrate imagination, problem solving, unique thinking and artistic creativity. We take the lead from individuals and nurture their inspiration.

    Personal Journeys:
    Everyone comes to our school with a journey to share so we listen and use it to celebrate individuality. Making a mistake is forgiven and provides a learning opportunity.