Compliments and Comments

We really like the Oak Academy lessons and it makes so much sense to use these rather than having teachers teach the same things that are already available elsewhere. The home learning amount we have been getting so far is lovely, there is a decent amount without being overwhelming, and it has all been easy to access. 

The feedback from staff has been great and is really boosting …….’s motivation and pride in her work. It is also lovely as a parent to have the support and the reassurance that we are doing well and that it’s ok if it all does not get done when we are juggling multiple children / work.

The introduction of the Zoom sessions has made a big difference to ….. too. She loves to be able to see her friends’ faces as well as staff, and to be able to share bits about what she has been doing at home. I love the fact that these sessions are about support, mental well-being and social interaction more than they are about learning too. 

I know that so many people are finding this lockdown a lot harder than the last and for me personally I appreciate that as a school you are trying to make this a little easier for us. …..’s teacher was encouraging children today to thank their parents and help out at home to take the pressure off a bit and it was such a lovely message to send to them. 

I know it has been an incredibly hard start to the year for all schools so I just wanted to say Thank you and share some positive feedback.


I would just like to express as a parent how wonderful the Year 1 red class worship was yesterday. The children all did themselves proud and I don’t think there was a dry eye when they performed their song!

The spiritual development of our (child)  is one of the reasons we chose Holy Trinity Rosehill and it is at times like this we really see a difference in (our child) and how …  links their learning to Jesus. We strongly believe that this adds to their educational whole-being.

My sister and I also both noticed the exceptional behaviour of not only the children in Red class, but the rest of EYFS and KS1 while they were watching.

Please pass on our thanks again to the team.


I just wanted to express my thanks to the staff who have taken time away from their own families this week to take our children to Robinwood. ……….up until December, (my child) didn’t want to go to Robinwood (for various reasons – namely … anxiety, worrying about being away from home, and worrying about the activities). But bit by bit (staff) chipped away t him in a gentle way until (my child) made the decision that they really did want to go. (My child) came back …having had a really fantastic time and having conquered many of the things (my child) feared the most (mostly the piranha pool and the climbing wall!). away at him in a gentle way until (my child) made the decision that they really did want to go. (My child) came back …having had a really fantastic time and having conquered many of the things (my child) feared the most (mostly the piranha pool and the climbing wall!).

It takes a lot to arrange a trip such as Robinwood, and it is a big ask for the staff to be away from their own families, so I just wanted to say how grateful I am for giving the children this fantastic opportunity. And also thank you to them for the little updates they sent to us parents – it made a big difference and put our minds at ease!


It was a real pleasure to visit your school last Tuesday. I would like to say a big thanks to you and your staff and pupils for my visit and the rich and interesting data they provided for the Timpson evaluation.

Best wishes,

Clare Savory

Research Assistant, Rees Centre, University of Oxford, Department of Education

I just wanted to take the time to pass on an enormous thank you to the staff who have put so much time and effort into today’s performances of Joseph. I know there have been some fantastic SATS results this week, but way more than a number on a piece of paper, tonight gave our kids the opportunity to shine bright and with an amazing confidence that really captured the fabulous young people they have become in your care. Through knowing our children so well, you gave each and every one of them the opportunity to show their best selves and leave school tonight glowing with pride. What a way to end their journey at Holy Trinity. As always you go above and beyond to let our children fly high and created memories that Will for definite will take with him for many years.

Thank you.

As parents we try to teach our children to be inclusive and to recognise that differences in people and their beliefs does not mean division. We feel it’s important for our children to be grounded in Christianity but also for them to understand and recognise other faiths and religions. I think our school does this well.

Parent/Carer Survey

Both my children have felt safe and valued at school.

Parent/Carer Survey

The atmosphere is one of supported learning in what appears to be a friendly and positive environment

Parent/Carer Survey

Our child gets a rich sense of belonging through worship and the teachings of Christianity.

Parent/Carer Survey

Communication between staff and parents. Encouraging children to do their best.
Great staff and are very helpful when I have any concerns. Also available to listen and speak to myself when needed.
Absolutely fantastic school.

Parent/Carer Survey

Wonderful staff who really care about the children and this shines through in all interaction.

Parent/Carer Survey

I just wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you to all staff who undoubtedly are working so hard to give our children a lovely home school experience at the moment. The zoom meetings this week have been a fantastic addition to your offer.


I would like to thank you for helping me to continue working throughout this very difficult and busy time the NHS is facing and I am grateful that ……… is able to attend school. If I could keep ……. at home I would but sadly I am in and out of the house all day (and night) as is my husband. I am currently working 70 hours a week until the end of March as I am working my regular role and also helping out NHS 111 as they have a lot of staff off sick and are desperate for help.

You have certainly helped in keeping me sane during this difficult time, thank you. Please can you also pass on my thanks to Mrs Drennan.


Thank you to everyone who gave my children the opportunity to make my Mothering Sunday cards and buy the special little gifts.  It’s made my morning!

Thank you

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your students for helping us on Saturday with the bucket collection. They raised a whopping £527 which will go towards supporting young people just like them that perhaps need a little more support at school or in the community.

I have had glowing reports from people around the stadium about the children’s behaviour and manners so please pass on my ‘very well done’. I am very proud to tell everyone that I am a Governor at the school, they represented us wonderfully.

I hope they all enjoyed it despite the 102nd minute equaliser and bitter temperatures. 

A huge thank you and well done to all involved we really appreciate all of their hard work and your continued support.

Many Thanks

Ann-Marie Anderson

Business Development Manager, MFC Foundation

I just wanted to say thank you for having our services come into your school last week.

I was made very welcome by the staff and your pupils were a pleasure to work with.  The children’s behaviour was outstanding, they are a credit to your school.

Kind Regards

Angela Shackleton

Schools Education Co-Ordinator, Stockton Fire Station

Hi Ms Kelsey

Thanks for yesterday I had a lovely time and was really impressed with how engaged and creative your pupils are!



Ami Becker

I really really enjoyed being in your school. Thank you so much. Lovely children, great staff, caring loving feeling to the place.

Cloud Singh

North East Sikh Service

I believe this school is very good at looking after the mental health of the children as well as their physical and educational well-being. I love that they value equality and this is seen regularly in communications I receive and in their policies such as the uniform policy. When visiting the school it seems warm and friendly and my children are very happy here.

Parent/Carer Survey

During the recent closure (partial closure from March) I felt the focus was very much on the child and their families welfare and not pushing home learning. I also don’t feel there is any push or stress on the children to catch up which would add strain to children, family and teaching staff.

I feel confident in every aspect of the school.

Parent/Carer Survey

I have been lucky to have received support recently when I asked for it which has made a difference to my child’s wellbeing.

Parent/Carer Survey

It is lovely that children are taught about faith and to look for the bigger picture/ think about the world outside of themselves. Learning about Christianity at school consolidates what our daughter is learning at home.

Parent/Carer Survey

They keep parents informed of how the children are doing in class. Create a health happy environment for our children to learn.

Parent/Carer Survey

My child feels valued, understood, supported and encouraged to strive to be the best she can.

Parent/Carer Survey