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Pupil Premium

The purpose of the pupil premium is to provide funding so that schools can address the academic needs of disadvantaged groups of pupil. The effectiveness of a school’s provision is assessed through the degree to which the gaps in attainment and progress between disadvantaged groups of students, i.e. those eligible for FSM, LAC children etc. and those of other cohorts are narrowing relative to national and in-school data.

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Pupil Premium Strategy


Pupil Premium Eligibility

Application for Free School Meals
Early Years Pupil Premium Parent Form


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Strategy



Pupil Premium Spend 2018-2019



Pupil Premium Spend 2017-2018


2016-2017 – SPEND

Pupil Premium Spend 2016-2017


2015-2016 – SPEND

Pupil Premium Spend 2015 2016 FINAL


2014-2015 – SPEND

Pupil Premium Spend 2014 2015 HTR