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Welcome to Green Class

Holy Trinity Rosehill Year 1

Teacher/s: Mrs Galloway and Mrs Tomlinson

TA/s: Mrs Major and Mrs Cain

In Y1 Green Class we have lots of fun and enjoy learning new things every day. We always work hard, are kind to others and take good care of our school, our friends and our world.

Important Dates

Year 1 Open Mornings – Tuesday 12th November 2019 and Tuesday 5th May 2020

Y1 Green Class Worship – Thursday 12th March 2020 (am)

KS1 Sports Day – Tuesday 25th June (pm)

KS1 Performance – Thursday 9th July 2020 (pm) and Friday 10th July 2020 (am)

Weekly days to remember (HW, PE etc):

In Y1 Green Class, we do PE on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Your child’s reading book will be changed on a weekly basis once they are confident and familiar with the text.

Read our latest newsletter:

Autumn Newsletter 2019


Our Class Christian Values

Alongside our whole school Christian Values of Creation, Endurance and Koinonia, we are thinking about Hope.